Shipping & Delivery


7.1.   Buyers can choose the shipping method in the process of ordering goods after designation of goods and the entering of delivery point.

7.2.   Shipping methods are:

7.2.1. Slovak Post - to the address of customer (delivery within 3 working days from the completion of order)

7.2.2. Slovak Post - package in the mail (delivery within 2 working days from the completion of order),

7.2.3.  Picking up at the studio / showroom of ROZBORA COUTURE. This method is possible only in pre-arranged exact time and date

7.3.   Information about the price of transport (shipping) and the usual time of transport to the delivery point is always given for a specific shipping method.


8.1.   Commitment of ROZBORA DESIGN s.r.o is fulfilled by handing over the ordered goods to the buyer or authorized person in the delivery point. The buyer is obliged to confirm the delivery and receipt of goods in the delivery note. And buyer receives one copy. The buyer receives the accounting document - invoice, which also serves as the warranty card.

8.2.   Commitment of ROZBORA DESIGN s.r.o. is also fulfilled if the company ROZBORA DESIGN s.r.o. was prepared to deliver the goods to the buyer at the agreed place and time, and the buyer did not take over goods for other reasons than the reasons on the part of ROZBORA DESIGN s.r.o.

8.3.   If the buyer does not take goods and the goods are returned to the company ROZBORA DESIGN s.r.o., the company ROZBORA DESIGN s.r.o. is entitled to withdraw from the contract and claim compensation for the cost of shipping and packaging associated with unsuccessful delivery of the goods.