Richard Rozbora is the creative force behind a family clothing label ROZBORA COUTURE. In the beginning, this talented and acclaimed designer put a strong emphasis on his education. In 2001, he graduated with a BA (Hons) from the prestigious and world-famous fashion University of the Arts London Central St. Martin’s.

Richard was born in Helsinki (Finland), and from an early age, he has been exposed to a diverse lifestyle and culture of various countries, having spent numerous years abroad. His studies in Prague, Bratislava, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom are all elements that have influenced his unique character. Richard Rozbora has been active in the world of fashion since 1994. At first, his artistic abilities and talent led him into the field of architecture, interior design and urban studies at The Faculty of Architecture, the University of Technology in Bratislava. After two years, he left for Cyprus and attended the Frederick Institute of Technology in Nicosia, Cyprus.

After only one year there, Richard was selected by a scouting committee of the University of the Arts London St. Martin’s, where he successfully graduated in the field of womenswear with his final collection of unique hand-carved leather designs.



Richard's university designs and graduation collection retrospective showcase during his 2021's exhibition to celebrate 20 years since graduation. Exhibition, named 'Richard Rozbora - From Dream to Reality' was supported from public funds by Slovak Arts Council 


Under the mentorship of internationally acclaimed designers including Gianfranco Ferré and Dior’s illustrator Howard Tangye, he had grown into the talented, experienced and savvy designer he is today. During his time in London, Richard met with Stella McCartney, late Alexander McQueen and attended workshops in Vivienne Westwood’s studios. Not only did his years at St. Martins give him valuable experience and knowledge in the world of fashion, but he also gained many contacts in his field as well as insights into sales and marketing within the industry.



Richard has received numerous prestigious awards along with many offers from renowned fashion houses. After his graduation, he was offered a position at the St. Martin's previously held by the late Alexander McQueen. He has presented his designs at many foreign and domestic fashion shows with great success.  Richard collaborated with Madonna’s milliner Nick Smith and was also in charge of Robert Carry William’s studio at the London Fashion Week where he was responsible for the Summer/Spring 2002 collection.

Richard Rozbora designed dresses for the USA and UK Tour of the band Fisher Spooner. His creations could have been seen at the Brit Awards where he was the designer behind the So Solid Crew’s outfits. He shared his knowledge and experience with students of the University of Arts and Design and served on various judging panels at fashion competitions. Richard was chosen to represent Slovakia at the Designblok 2003 held at the premises of the Prague Castle. There he presented, in the Milky Way Confrontation Design, his unique designs from hand-carved leather.

A great honor for the designer was when in 2004, the British Embassy and the British Council invited him to be an Ambassador for Fashion at the Crossroads for Idea’s project. On the eve of entering the EU by new members, Richard Rozbora was given an audience with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife. Richard is also a big supporter of UNICEF’s child vaccination campaign. At the 2015 Bratislava Fashion Days, he received an Award for the development of Slovak fashion. Designs of the ROZBORA COUTURE label are admired at many formal occasions, including a distinguished ball in Hofburg or a presentation in Villa Trebitsch, a residence of the Slovak Ambassador in Wien.

Photo: Petra Benovsky / Model: Barbara Kaudelka



After years in the fashion industry Richard and his brother, Robert, decided to create their fashion brand with fresh ideas and their perspective. The family brand is actively cultivated by other members of Rozbora family, an experienced journalist and PR professional Lucia Rozborova and a former career diplomat, ambassador and chief of protocol for two presidents Dušan Rozbora. ROZBORA COUTURE set out to create everyday high quality, original and affordable designs, making designer couture accessible to women that appreciate simple, sophisticated and sensual elegance

Their works – original designs and creative photography - are the result of many years of collaboration. Although specializing in different fields, the two brothers have been drawing on their collective experience and knowledge to create a unique brand, a brand enjoyed by women.


Photo: Robert Rozbora



Richard with his original trademark creates a captivating urban style. His style is characterized by high quality, quiet extravagance, and multifunctional designs. Collections consist of remarkable precision tailoring, artistic design and sheer sophistication with a passion for detail. Models also hold the hallmark of originality and elegance with modern elements. An art that unobtrusively highlights and accentuates the beauty of the female. The designer has been influenced by the Slow fashion philosophy characterized, amongst others, by timelessness and longevity. His designs appeal to women of all ages and nationalities for its unique multifunctionality to suit any occasion. Sophisticated women are attracted to the designs' superb quality, feminine style and the combination of high-quality materials and fresh, charming colors. Luxurious fabrics, including wool, silk, hand-embroidered lace, cashmere, 100 percent Merino knitwear and alpacas with silk, underline the confidence each wearer.

The fashion label ROZBORA COUTURE delivers style and grace through a slight flirtation and a sense for detail in different elements of its design. What needs to hide, is hidden in a natural, sensual emphasis of the silhouette, but a trained eye can't miss the detail to inspire, precise forms and professional rendering. The final execution is so meticulous that the owner might prefer to present the outfit inside out. It is the urban settings that inspire Rozbora in his work. He challenges the modern and independent woman, a woman who is aware of her femininity and willing to show it without being cheaply flamboyant. She wants to be elegant and only suggest her grace, intelligence, beauty, and sensuality.





Prague has been an integral part of Richard’s creative path. He grew up, studied and started preparing for his future professional journey there. He attended workshops of a renowned designer Česlav Jaroš in his studio Domino. Here, he acquired the basis of drawing and sketching. After primary school, he continued at the High school Jana Nerudy.

His second Prague period is connected to his professional endeavors. After the collection from hand-carved leather mentioned above, he presented his work at his own fashion show in Slovansky Dom. His collaboration with the Taiza house peaked at an impressive fashion presentation in the magnificent halls of the Strahov Monastery.


Richard Rozbora with 'Fashion Stars Night' Director Janina Sleminova


ROZBORA COUTURE label continued its creative and business presence in Prague at the 14th FASHION STAR NIGHT. The event took place within the historic walls of Prague Crossroads - a deconsecrated Church of St. Anne founded by St. Vaclav in 927. The fashion media raved: "The biggest success belonged to Richard Rozbora, who is with his label ROZBORA COUTURE an internationally acclaimed professional. His excellent materials, precisely tailored designs, and timelessness of his work took our breath away. The main idea of his current collection is to offer every woman a piece that accentuates her beauty, attraction, and elegance. Yet, he hasn't forgotten to add just a few provocative details that deemed the collection not only original but sexy."






The man behind the photography of the brand is Robert Rozbora, a creative and pragmatic entrepreneur and CEO of ROZBORA COUTURE. His creativity and artistic flair come from years of experience in the industry. His passion for photography and project development for the label’s fashion events have been a big part of his life. Since childhood, he absorbed many different cultures, which influenced his unique style. He studied Marketing Management at the City University in Bratislava and went on to study graphic design and advertising at the Frederick Institute of Technology in Cyprus. There, he gained a broader perspective on photography and arts. During his travels through Scandinavia, The Mediterranean, America's and Asia he discovered the magic of photography in various light conditions. His photographs have been published in multiple magazines locally and internationally. His works have been exhibited at the City Hall in Oslo, a world-famous architectural monument. Robert has a significant interest in stage and fashion photography where he captures the beauty and emotion of the moment. In his present role as a CEO of the family label, he draws on his experience from business and art. His talent and professional background are an asset for ROZBORA COUTURE.



Designer Richard Rozbora also made his mark at an international fashion show in Paris. He confirmed that the label ROZBORA COUTURE is really for all women, it’s cosmopolitan. He presented his work among several designers from various countries of four different continents, including the USA, Spain, Philippines, Poland, Vietnam, and the Emirates. The one hundred meters long catwalk on a glass-floored boat Le Jean Bruel provided an excellent venue highlighted by the scenery of Paris. Richard Rozbora presented there an urban collection, and he proofed yet again that it's possible to create beautiful couture that can move from the catwalk directly into someone’s wardrobe for versatile use at every occasion, but mainly in everyday life. 



On June 2015, Fashion label ROZBORA COUTURE gained exclusive, valuable award - THE AUSTRIAN QUALITY STORE CHECK. Fashion journal STYLE UP YOUR LIFE! represented by highly professional fashion and trends specialists tested from January to the end of October 2014 the level of quality of designers’ products all over Austria. Fashion professionals with the competency to evaluate trendy products based on the long-term observation awarded the models and collection of Richard Rozbora by the mark of high-quality TEST SIEGER 2015 with the right to use it together with the certificate.


Fashion designer Richard Rozbora BA (Hons) has recently become the fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in London. It is an award of his current work in the fashion area. Fellows of the RSA have to demonstrate their high level of professionalism, achieved success in manufacturing as well as commerce and their focus on ecological principles and ethics. The RSA is a British society established in 1754. The fellowship in this international society is considered an honor and privilege and was previously held by dignitaries including Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela, and Charles Dickens. The current patron of the RSA is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.




With his collections, Richard Rozbora returns to the style of elegant urban fashion. His collections are characterized by a clean form, an emphasis on details and materials of high quality, including wool, cashmere, velvet, jacquard, silk, cotton, sateen, ottoman, embroidered fabrics and fabrics with metallic effects, as well as 100 percent Merino knitwear. Classic color combinations came to live in conjunction with unusual colors and playful patterns. The clean, professionally tailored designs underline the elegance of pure urban style. They are long-lasting, comfortable and suitable for everyday wear with the possibility of mutual combinations. ROZBORA COUTURE lines focuses on women who prefer originality over uniformity.

The clientele could find their dream model among timeless fashion jewels, including silk blouses, skirts, trousers, blazers, jackets, dresses, jerseys, trench coats, and coats, in standard sizes (36 to 42). The latest collection is designed to fulfill the brands' priority of creating high-quality fashion that is long-lasting, precisely tailored, cultivated, wearable and quietly luxurious. The uniquely original line has been produced following the ethical and environmental principles of the fashion industry. 


Many women with refined taste have appreciated exclusive, sensible, impeccable and very feminine art of Richard Rozbora. Howard Tangye, his former teacher, who is a personal illustrator for DIOR, described his admiration of the creative work of Richard Rozbora as "…he creates something innovative, he creates a dream…". A real compliment for a resourceful designer. His models are remarkable because they nicely support natural female grace, intelligence and they underline the magic of her personality. His models are beloved by modern, entrepreneurial, confident and independent women who favor slight extravagance, luxury, and pure sophisticated style. Richard Rozbora sources his fabrics from well-established brands around the world, two years in advance of each collection. Often, he uses these materials exclusively. Based on a great collaboration with vendors and producers, the models could always be tailored from the highest quality materials. Limited fashion lines are completed with designers' buttons exclusively made for the label. ROZBORA COUTURE is a fashion label included on the worlds fashion database.


We welcome you to the world of ROZBORA COUTURE


A brand with a creative atmosphere focused on beauty and refinement, quiet luxury and comfort in a unique rendition. In the philosophy of slow fashion, we create a timeless, high quality and professionally-tailored fashion that underlines personality, grace, magic, and confidence of successful independent women. It is a fashion that always stays in style.